The Donatinator

The Donatinator is an open-source web application to help you accept One-Off or Recurring Donations for your charity or non-profit. It is written in nodejs, uses Postgres, and can be hosted on your own server, Heroku, AppEngine, and many other hosting sites. It uses Stripe for payment processing.


Though this project is still young, it already has a solid feature set and is stable. Future improvements will be built on top of the foundation already provided.

Essentially we want the Donatinator to be as featureful as any of the hosted (paid) sites out there and in fact, a superset of what any specific one of them provides.

Demo Sites

A demo site can be seen at

In the future, we will set up demo sites on all of the following platforms:


The Donatinator is AGPLv3 which means you can use it for free, forever. It also means that if you change it, you must link to your changed source code so that the end-user can view it.