7 Best Essay Writing Apps For Students And Academics

Whether you are a student or an academic, you're going to want to know which are the best essay writing apps out there. These apps can help you write your essays faster and easier, so you can focus on other aspects of your life. You can choose from apps like Google Docs, Ayoa, FreeMind, LibreOffice, Quillbot, and Ulysses.

Google Docs

Whether you are writing an essay or a research paper, Google Docs is a great way to organize your thoughts and ideas. Its easy-to-use interface can help you stay on track with your writing projects.

Google Docs is a free word processing app that allows you to create, edit, and publish documents online. Using this app, you can also share and collaborate with others in real time. As a result, you can get feedback on your work from your classmates. It can also help you grow your vocabulary and improve your writing precision.

Top Essay Writing Service

Whether you are a college student or a business professional, there are several reasons why you may want to use a top essay writing service. These services will help you write an essay that will earn you good grades, while also letting you focus on other aspects of your life. Some companies also offer editing services, so you can have your work reviewed before it is delivered.

One of the best features of essay writing services is their customer service. You can get a price estimate, ask about your order, and communicate directly with your writer. Some companies offer additional features such as free add-ons, a refund if you are unhappy with the work, or a plagiarism check.

The best essay writing service will have a solid quality control system in place. They should have writers with a range of writing experience. They should also have English as a Second Language writers available for non-native English speakers. You should also consider the company's reputation. Some have been around for years, while others have sunk into oblivion.

If you are looking for a top essay writing service, you should consider the following companies. Each one is a little different in their service, but they have some things in common. Some of these companies offer discounts for first time customers, while others provide free add-ons. These services can help you get your papers done in no time.

In addition to their excellent customer service, they also offer the largest selection of topics. They have a large pool of writers, so you can be sure to find someone who has experience in the subject you need.


Designed to help you manage your writing projects, Ulysses is a free app available for both Apple devices. Its minimalist interface helps you focus on the writing process. It offers a variety of features that will help you get the job done, including a built-in grammar check.

Ulysses is also a great way to save your work. Every time you save a document, the software automatically creates a backup. You can then access your work from other devices or resume your work from earlier versions.

Ulysses supports Markdown, a simple markup language that lets you format text for the web. You can add images and links to your documents with Ulysses. It also offers an integrated style check. It will tell you if your grammar and spelling is correct, or if you could improve your style.

Focus Writer

Whether you're a student or academic, Focus Writer is a useful tool to help you get your assignments done. It's free to download and runs on Windows and Linux. It's not as powerful as a paid version, but it can do the job.

Focus Writer has five different writing options to choose from. You can use it to create text, a drawing, handwriting, handwriting, and drawing. It's also compatible with Macs and iOS devices.

It's one of the best essay writing apps out there because it has a number of helpful features. It can help you improve your grammar, spelling, and word choice. It's also a useful tool for organizing your research. It even features a built-in timer.

LibreOffice Writer

Using an essay writing app can make your writing more effective. Not only do they provide spelling and grammar checks, but they can also provide educational videos and blog posts. They will help you organize your text and plan your writing. They can also turn your computer into a typewriter, so you can get writing ideas instantly.

When it comes to writing apps, LibreOffice Writer is a good choice. It offers an interface that's similar to Microsoft Word. Using this application, you can open multiple types of files and import PDF files. It also comes with text-to-speech capabilities, spreadsheets, and presentations.


Several essay writing apps are available to students and academics. Using them helps you to organize your research, plan your paper and make your work more productive. These apps also check your work for grammatical errors and plagiarism. They also provide proofreading services, which can be very helpful. These apps have a variety of formatting options and themes to choose from.

One of the most versatile essay writing apps is Grammarly. This free application analyzes the written content for readability, spelling and grammar errors. The software is compatible with most platforms and is available in several different versions. It also checks for abstract words and overused words.


Whether you're writing a college essay or a short piece for your boss, an essay writing app can be the perfect tool to help you stay organized. These apps will give you the tools to write more effectively and help you find an expert to assist you in writing your paper.

FreeMind is a mind-mapping app that can help you organize your thoughts in a more logical manner. This app is also great for brainstorming. In addition to helping you brainstorm ideas, it can also help you create a more organized outline for your future essays.


Whether you're writing a business letter, an essay, or an academic paper, Quillbot is a powerful writing tool. It uses AI and machine learning to rewrite and paraphrase your text. It is also a great grammar checker that allows you to make sure your writing is mistake-free.

Quillbot has a built-in thesaurus that helps you to paraphrase and rewrite your text. This feature helps you to rephrase your content easily and quickly. You can also choose from five different paraphrasing modes.

The Standard mode is the default setting when you open Quillbot. This mode allows you to rephrase up to 125 words. However, if you want to rephrase more than 125 words, you can upgrade to the Premium version.