Some things to consider prior to using The Donatinator is what kind of installation you want. This may depend on whether you currently have a website, and what your hosting already provides you. Let's split this up to make some decisions easier.

Is your current site secure (SSL enabled)?

If not, then you need have a link on your site which points to your secure Donatinator hosting. Whether the Donatinator is running on a sub-domain of your current domain or it uses the SSL enabled sub-domain of * or * is also up to you.

NOTE: if your current site is not secure, then you shouldn't embed a Donatinator donation form within a page on your site, since this will still be insecure.

Do you have current website?

Yes/No? If not, you could use The Donatinator as your sole hosting if you only need basic content management.

Would you like to accept payments through your current site?

If yes, then you'll need to decide how to integrate the Donatinator. Since the Donatiantor is a standalone app, then you can either link directly to the Donatinator for the donors use, or you can embed a donation form on your site. (Note: you can only embed a form if your current hosting is secure.)